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The Worst Case // USC01 Back In Stock!!

The Worst Case // USC01 Back In Stock!!

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The USC01 is the highly refined tried & true, slightly modified & perfected original case.

This TSA safe survival kit belongs in your car, in your backpack, in your life. It's packed full of goodies that hopefully you will never need. A small insurance policy for the unlikely possibility that you find yourself up shit creek without a paddle. 

Shelter, several ways to make fire, water purification, minor 1st aid, damn fine fishing kit, a compass, micro saw, Rite-In-The-Rain paper & pencil, can opener, needle, tweezers, 550 paracord, glue stick for repairs, 100MPH tape, safety pins, flashlight, a signal mirror... all in a Pelican 1010 - the size of a walkman - remember those?